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Conspiracy Draft League Rules

The Conspiracy League will run for three weeks on Sundays – September 4th, 11th, and 18th. Each week players will purchase 3 booster packs of Conspiracy: Take the Crown and draft their cards. Drafts begin at 1pm, with 30 minutes for deckbuilding. Players will then play 3 rounds of multi-player games (one hour time limits), earning points. The player with the most points at the end of the League will be crowned the Monarch.
During Week One (September 4th), players will play 3 rounds using the cards drafted that day. During Weeks Two and Three, players will play two rounds with the cards they drafted, then have 30 minutes to build a deck using all cards drafted in the current and previous weeks, after which they will play a third round. Because players will be using cards drafted in previous weeks, it is imperative that all cards remain at The Gamers Den until the league is over, and that players keep accurate track of all drafted cards’ abilities.
Scoring for matches is as follows:
• 1 Point for each round that you play
• 1 Point for each opponent eliminated before you in the round
• 1 Point for eliminating a player (this includes eliminating yourself)
• 1 Point for Winning the Table IF there is a larger table in the round
During the first round of Weeks Two and Three, the player with the most points at each Table gets to go first.
The player with the most points at the end of the Conspiracy Draft League will be crowned The Monarch. As The Monarch, you will receive one free entry into any one of our Kaladesh Prerelease Events. The Gamers Den reserves the right to award additional prizes.

conspiracy league

Conspiracy Draft League 2016

Magic PPTQ Dublin Modern Event $15 Entry – August 28th


PPTQ Sunday, August 28th
Entry: $15 at the door
Registration at 10:30 AM
Tournament starts at 11:00 AM

This is a Modern format event. Three packs/participant will be added to the prize pool, with a guaranteed prize payout to the Top 8. The winner will also receive an invite to the Regional PTQ.

Conspiracy 2 – Take The Crown!

Magic Conspiracy 2 releases Friday, August 26th. Join us for Drafts and fight for the crown yourself! Pods of 6-9 players will draft and play a series of multi-player games to try and control the crown! The winner of each table gets a pack of their choice (but not Eternal Masters)

Friday, August 26th – Draft ($12.76) 3 packs of Conspiracy 2016
Saturday, August 27th – Draft ($12.76) 3 packs of Conspiracy 2016
Saturday, August 27th 6 pm – Chaos Draft ($20.00) 2 packs of Conspiracy 2016 and 1 pack of Eternal Masters.

Eldritch Moon Game Day August 13 & 14th

Join us for Magic: Eldritch Moon Game Days on Saturday August 13th at noon and Sunday August 14th at 1 pm. Events are Standard Format and entry is free.

Participation Promo is Unsubstantiate.

game day promo

Top 8 promo is Heron’s Grace Champion.

game day top 8

And of course our winner each days earns the Eldritch Moon Champion Playmat.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar Season of War


Muster your forces and join the Season of War! Campaign starts July 14th and lasts 4 weeks. Store results will be submitted each week and affect the ongoing timeline for the Mortal Realms. Each week there’s a new Battleplan to try.

See us in store to sign up or join our Miniatures Facebook page for more information. Gamers Den Miniatures Community –

Magic: Eldritch Moon Prerelease

Magic: Eldritch Moon Prerelease

Join us for the Magic: Eldritch Moon Prerelease


We are hosting five separate events, two of them Two-Headed Giant events. Each event will have an entry fee of $28, including tax. As we have done for the past several Prereleases, we will be awarding exclusive playmats to our winners. Each event will be four rounds, and everyone who goes 4-0 will receive the playmat. Teams will receive a playmat for each player on the team. Then, if we have any remaining playmats anyone who played in all five events will be entered into a drawing to win a playmat as well. Booster packs will be awarded as well, with everyone who participates getting at least one booster pack as a prize.


Our Prerelease Planeswalker Picnic will happen at 11 pm Friday night. Come early, play FNM, get fed and be there as  Eldritch Moon events begin at our midnight Prerelease.

We are now taking RSVPs for all events. Cost is $28.00 per person, sealed format.
Eldritch Moon sealed Midnight
Eldritch Moon Saturday sealed Noon
Eldritch Moon Saturday 2 Headed Giant 6 pm                                                                                Eldritch Moon Sunday sealed Noon
Eldritch Moon Sunday 2 Headed Giant 5 pm


Magic PPTQ June 19th at The Gamers Den


PPTQ Sunday, June 19th
Entry: $15 at the door
Registration at 10:30 AM
Tournament starts at 11:00 AM

This is a Standard format event. Three packs/participant will be added to the prize pool, with a guaranteed prize payout to the Top 8. The winner will also receive an invite to the Regional PTQ.

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower Activities

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
In Warhammer Quest you and up to three friends take on the role of mighty champions who have been drawn to the Silver Tower!  Some seek fortune and glory whilst others seek to end the lord of the silver tower’s reign!

Releases Saturday, May 21st

WHQST flyer

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day


Join us for Free Comic Book Day and take home some sweet free books. Free books are limited to 3 per person but additional books are available with any comic or graphic novel purchase. Free comics available while supplies last.

Other activities include:

HeroClix Demos – 2 – 5 pm
DiceMasters Demos – 2 – 5 pm
DiceMasters Rainbow Draft – 6 pm (Space is limited for this free draft. 10 boosters provided but you will need sidekick and basic action dice/cards to play)
SuperHero games – 6 – 9 pm – Join us for DC Deckbuilder, Marvel Legendary and Sentinels of the Multiverse.



Join us Saturday, April 30th for Tabletop Day!

Come celebrate the love of gaming this Saturday for Tabletop Day! We have plenty of games to play and all are welcome.

Play in Greedy Greedy Goblins for a chance to win fun prizes including sodas & snacks and other prizes including a selection of AEG games. Greedy Greedy Goblins starts at 11 am and kicks off our event.

Greedy Greedy Goblins

At noon we have the Yu-Gi-Oh! Shining Victories Sneak Peek ($20 entry) and Magic: Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day (free entry, Standard format)

Our board games schedule for the day:

11 am – Greedy Greedy Goblins
Noon – Castles of Mad King Ludwig
2 pm – Boss Monster
2 pm – King of Tokyo
2 pm – Pandemic
2 pm – Timeline/Love Letter/Spot It
4 pm – Mysterium
4 pm – Takenoko
4 pm – Lords of Waterdeep
6 pm – DC Deckbuilder
6 pm – Tzolk’n

You do not need to be familiar with these games to participate – we have hosts willing to help you learn to play! You can also bring your favorite game (or grab one off our shelf) and host a group yourself. As with past years, coins are earned for participating in events and can be redeemed for special promotional items.

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