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Join us as we Journey Into Nyx!



We are less than two weeks away from the pre-release of Magic’s latest expansion, Journey Into Nyx. Wrapping up the Theros block, this set introduces us to the last five gods from the set, a new version of a classic planeswalker and some other really amazing cards that will staples not just in standard but the eternal formats. We’ve got some exciting things planned for this pre-release.

The pre-release events are going to take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th. Prior to the midnight event we will be hosting another “Feast of the Gods” event
, providing free food to everyone between 11pm and Midnight after Friday Night Magic wraps up on the 25th. The first of our sealed deck events will begin at midnight, and the cost will be $25 per person, and two booster packs of Journey will be added to the prize pool for each participant.. Unlike the other events this weekend, the midnight event will only last four rounds, and players will win booster packs based on their final record. Any player who goes 2-2 or better in the tournament will be guaranteed prize packs in this event.

At Noon on both Saturday and Sunday we will hold Sealed Deck events. Again, these will be $25 per person, with two booster packs of Journey will be added to the prize pool for each participant. These events will run four rounds of swiss with the top 8 player moving on to single elimination payoffs (top 16 if we 32+ players). Anyone who makes playoffs is guaranteed prize packs.

The 6pm events both night will be Sealed Deck Two-Headed Giant events. These were very popular at the Born of the Gods pre-release, and we’re bringing them back. I think you know the drill — $25 entry per player, 2 packs per player (4 per team) into the prize pool. When you build your decks, your teams gets to use the cards from both pre-release packs. However, only the top 4 teams (top 8 teams if 32+ players) will advance to the playoffs. Anyone who makes playoffs is guaranteed prize packs.

The pre-release packs for Journey Into  Nyx will contain 2 packs of Theros, one pack of Born of the Gods, two packs of Journey Into Nyx and one seeded pack of Journey Into Nyx which will contain more cards for your chosen color to aid in deck building, as well as the rare/mythic rare in your pack (and if you pull a mythic rare in the seeded pack, you will get one of the gods).

Comic Books Coming Soon!

COMICS FLYERWe are happy to announce we have placed our first comic book order. Over the next few months you will see comics hitting the shelves. We will also be offering a subscription service so you can have your favorite comics ordered and held for your convenience.  Previews books will be available soon or you can view upcoming items via the previews website at

Setting up a subscription is easy. Stop in, call, email or message us the titles you want and we will let you know when they arrive. Collectable items and one shots can also be pre-ordered – just let us know what you want. All subscription customers will receive bags and boards for their comics!

We’re excited about offering comics and associated collectables to our customers. We’ll let you know when the comics start hitting the shelves.

Earn promos and have fun at International Tabletop Day! Saturday, April 5th

We are excited about this Saturday, International Tabletop Day!

Come join us for a day filled with activities and earn promo items for playing games! For each event you participate in you will earn a “gold coin.” Want more coins? Run a game for a group or win an event. Gold coins will be redeemable for a variety of promo items  – you choose what will be most fun for you! Promo items include Tabletop promo items, Munchkin bookmarks, Dominion card sets, promo Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic cards, spin down life dice or D&D D20s and more. Or, redeem gold coins for $1 off any game. Coins can be combined, up to 50% of a games cost.

We are open from 11 am – 9 pm and events start at noon and snacks will be provided. Come celebrate the tabletop gaming hobby, learn a new game and make some new friends.

Join us for International Tabletop Day on Saturday, April 5th from 11 am – 9 pm.tabletopday 380x800

Tabletop Day Saturday, April 5th!

tabletopday 380x800

Join us for International Tabletop Day! At noon we have our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. At 3 pm we will have a special Kaijudo sealed/draft event – FREE, cards will be provided. At 6 pm we have a King of Tokyo tournament. Other board games will be played throughout the day. Play new games and share your favorites. Everyone is welcome to join.

We’re More than Just Games

Let’s face it, we are a Game Store. It’s what we do, and we do it well. And we enjoy it. All you have to do is look at our shelves, or see how often the two of us are playing games with our customers. For all that, though, we like to branch out and carry more than just games. A quick glance around our store will show you all the things we carry that are not games.

Perhaps the largest category of non-gaming items we carry would be our puzzles. While we stock primarily fantasy themed puzzles, our selection is by no means limited. Some are science related, others featuring famous works of art, and others are just plain cool looking or challenging. There are even puzzle supplies, like storage trays, puzzle glue and roll-up mats for people who really get into their puzzles.

Collectible are another item that we carry in abundance. There are the vinyl figures by kidrobot featuring such licenses as Futurama, Simpsons, South Park, Street Fighter and Marvel (as well as keychains and zipper pulls). We also have several lines of fantasy and fairy figures from Munro, and some super-hero collectibles from Westland (and hopefully some new products arriving soon which we’re excited about, and don’t want to over-promote until we get them in).

Plush products, Ty in particular, are also popular as the store. While we mostly carry the Beanie Boos and Monstaz lines, we now also carry their licensed products for My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty and Disney (Joe particularly likes the oversize Mike Wazowski). And of course, there are the Beanie Clips.

There is more, from the Activity Sets for young kids, to brain teasers and mind challengers, books, soda and snacks, the Gamers Den has more to offer you than Just Games. But if you are looking for a game, well you have definitely come to the right place.

X-Wing Store Championship this weekend!

The X-Wing Store Championship is here! Players will compete in a series of Swiss rounds followed by a playoff (top 2 or top 4, based on attendance). Cost is $10 per person.

Prizes for this event are as follows:

Champion: Store Championship plaque; card box for ship cards, upgrade cards, and tokens; first place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship
Runner-Up: Card box
Top 4: Four acrylic range rulers
Participation: Thirty-two Ten Numb ship cards featuring movie still art.


Magic: Grand Prix Trial Event for GP Minneapolis

We’re very happy to announce that we will be hosting a Grand Prix Trial Event for GP Minneapolis on Saturday, March 29th. This will be a Modern format event, with a $5 entry. Deck lists are required. Registration begins at 11am, first round starts at Noon. At least one booster pack will be added to the prize pool for each participant in the event. Local judge Ken Bearl will here to officiate.

Questions? Email us or call 763-689-5370.

Magic Modern Events On Wednesdays!

This February, we are now adding Modern events to our weekly calendar for Magic players. Modern has been a growing format, and with the release of the Modern Event Deck at the end of May, we felt that now would be a good time to start promoting the format in the store.

modern logo

For those unfamiliar with the Modern format, it consists of all cards released in a Core Set or Expansion Blocksince 8th Edition and the original Mirrodin block. This also happens to coincide with the opening of the Gamers Den (we opened our doors in September 2003, two months after 8th Edition released and just a few weeks before Mirrodin). So if you’ve been coming to the Gamers Den in that time you should have the cards you need for this format. As with their other formats, there is a Banned and Restricted list for Modern.

For the month of February, this will mostly be casual play as we get players familiar with the change in events, but as soon as we get enough players and interest, we will start hosting tournaments. We are also willing to bring back Modern events for Friday Night Magic, perhaps once a month, if the local community is interested. It also happens to be a happy coincidence that the Grand Prix Minneapolis event is May is Modern format, and we are working with our local Judge to organize a Grand Prix Trial before the end of March. Keep watching this website and our Facebok page for the latest information!

Things you need to know about our Born of the Gods Pre-Release events!

This weekend marks the pre-release of the next Magic: the Gathering expansion set, Born of the Gods. We have made some changes from previous pre-release events, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of them.

As we have done in the past, we are holding five separate events. All events are sealed deck format, and have an entry fee of $25 per person (the price includes tax). Each player will get one Born of the Gods pre-release “Destiny” pack. Each pack will contain 3 Theros packs, 2 Born of the Gods packs and 1 seeded Born of the Gods pack for your chosen destiny (which also corresponds to a color). It is possible to get a mythic God card in your seeded pack.

Destiny Packs

We are running three regular sealed events. The first will be at Midnight Saturday morning, the second at Noon on Saturday and the last one at Noon on Sunday. Please note this is a time change from the last few pre-releases. The Midnight event will be straight swiss, with prizes paid out based on player record. The Noon events will have playoff rounds.

We are also running two Two-Headed Giant events, one Saturday at 6pm and the other on Sunday at 4pm. Each player on the team gets a pre-release pack, and the team gets to build their decks from the contents of both packs. For all sealed events, you are not required to build a deck based upon the color you choose.

Prior to the Midnight event we will be having our Feast of the Gods pizza party! We’ll be ordering pizza from Pizza Hut and have chips, mini cupcakes and more for revelers to partake.

For even more details on the packs, head on over to the Wizards of the Coast site.

New Arrival: Dice Rings

Today we got in our newest “Gamer Bling,” the d20 Dice Rings from CritSuccess. These are literally d20s that you wear on your finger and spin when you need to roll your die. They are very pretty, and we have multiple colors and sizes in stock. Better yet, they are only $19.99 each (plus tax, of course). There are also other “dice” types, and we can generally get them in on a special order in about a week or two (just depends if they are in stock).

d20 Dice Rings

We have a sizing tool to help you determine your size, and you are welcome to look them over (though it is recommended not to spin them until they have been washed) and try them on.

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4:00 pm Yu-Gi-Oh! Club
Yu-Gi-Oh! Club
Apr 17 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Yu-Gi-Oh! Club
Yu-Gi-Oh! Club is a casual event where Yu-Gi-Oh! players can play, trade and socialize about Yu-Gi-Oh! “After school” until 8 pm.
5:00 pm Magic: Commander Night
Magic: Commander Night
Apr 17 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Magic: Commander Night
Casual Magic. This is a free event, Commander format.
6:00 pm HeroClix Tournament
HeroClix Tournament
Apr 17 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
HeroClix Tournament
HeroClix weekly tournament.
6:00 pm Magic: FNM
Magic: FNM
Apr 18 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Magic: FNM
FNM – We run Standard and also a Draft if enough players. Draft is $12.75, standard is free.
12:00 pm Warhammer 40k Open Play
Warhammer 40k Open Play
Apr 19 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Warhammer 40k Open Play
Weekly open play for our Warhammer 40K players. Also open tables for painting.
12:00 pm Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Apr 19 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament, using Advanced Format rules.
6:00 pm Board Game Open Play
Board Game Open Play
Apr 19 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Board Game Open Play
Weekly open board gaming. Come play a game from our extensive library or bring your own.

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