New Magic: Kaladesh League coming in October!

Its been a while since we hosted a league but Kaladesh looks to be an excellent place to start again! Join us in exploring the plane Chandra calls home and win The Key to the City!*
Kaladesh league will be a sealed league. Cost is $28.00 entry. Official League nights will be Monday alongside our casual Magic night, but you can play games any time during the week in store.

*Key to the City grants the winner exclusive bragging rights, a physical key and 1 free entry into our Aether Revolt Prerelease!

Magic Academy in October

Sundays in October The Gamers Den is hosting a Magic Academy for new and past Magic players, no experience necessary.


Week 1 – Learn to play Magic or brush up on your old skills.

1 – 4 pm – Free – We will cover the most common format in Magic (Standard) and provide Magic Welcome decks. Players are encouraged to play each of the 5 colors and get a feel for the differences in play style. Our Magic Judge will teach game flow and answer questions as you play and learn.

4 – 6 pm – $16.00 fee. We will have Intro decks and the new Kaladesh Planeswalker decks available for sale – buy a deck that suits your preferences and then learn to play it. Open the two boosters that come with it and we’ll help you make changes to your deck, as well.

Week 2 – Learn to build a Magic Deck

1 – 6 pm– $20.00 fee. You will get a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit and we will teach you to build a deck. Our Magic Judge will be on hand to help you with deckbuilding concepts and answer questions.

Week 3 – Learn about other formats and play in a tournament

1 – 6 pm – Free – We will cover the Magic formats (Standard, Modern, Legacy, Sealed, Commander, etc) Then we will play a Standard Tournament, with prizes! Bring your Intro or Planeswalker Deck from week 1, or the deck you built in week 2. Learn about tournament structure and practice in a fun, relaxed environment.

Week 4 – Magic Game Day!

1 pm – Free – Participate in Magic Game Day! This is a Standard format tournament with special prizes. Earn a promo card for participating and a different card if you make Top 8. There is a special Champion Playmat for the winner. Our Judge will be onhand to help with questions. If you attended all 4 sessions, you will receive a special Diploma from our Magic Academy!

RSVPs are encouraged – Facebook, message, email or stop in at The Gamers Den to reserve your spot!

Magic FNM tournament structure changes.

The Gamers Den’s Magic FNM tournament structure as of Friday, September 30th:

5 PM Sparks event – FREE – Events are 3 Rounds, straight Swiss. Prize payout is each player receives a Magic Promo card and anyone with a 3-0 record wins a pack. This is a more casual event aimed at new players or those looking for a relaxed event.

6 PM Standard event. – $5.00. Events are 4 Rounds straight Swiss (3 Rounds with less than 9 players.) Prize payout is a pack per win. Players who go 4-0 will receive FNM Promo Cards. In a 3 round tournament the 3-0 player will receive a bonus pack and FNM Promo Card. Additional FNM Promo Cards will be awarded randomly.

6 PM Draft event – $15.00. Events are 4 Rounds straight Swiss (3 Rounds will less than 9 players.) Prize Payout is a pack per win. Players who go 4-0 (or 3-0 in a 3 round tournament) will receive bonus packs and FNM Promo Cards. Additional FNM Promo Cards will be awarded randomly.

Kaladesh Inventors Fair!

Come one, come all, to the Kaladesh Inventors Fair!

As part of our Kaladesh Prerelease festivities we are having an Inventors Fair Friday, September 23rd at 10 pm.


Join us Friday, September 23rd at 10 PM for our Kaladesh Prerelease Party: A Kaladesh Inventors Fair!

• Bring your invention/contraption and enter our inventors contest.*
• Show off your Kaladesh garb in our costume contest.*
• Join our crafting tables and show off your creativity.
• Make your own flying contraption and join our flyer race.*
• Enjoy Chandra Chili Dogs.

*Winners receive our exclusive Kaladesh Playmat.


Win a Space Marine of your very own!


Hey Warhammer 40K players – would you like your own Space Marine? On October 1st we will have a drawing for a giant Space Marine just like the one by our door.

Entries can be earned starting now!
Each day you play a Games Workshop game (or demo a game to new players) in our store earn one entry.
Each Games Workshop box kit you buy earn one entry.
Entries can be traded to others but have no cash value!


Magic: Kaladesh Prerelease September 24th & 25th

Join us for the Magic: Kaladesh Prerelease


We are hosting five separate events, two of them Two-Headed Giant events. Each event will have an entry fee of $28, including tax. As we have done for the past several Prereleases, we will be awarding exclusive playmats to our winners. Each event will be four rounds, and everyone who goes 4-0 will receive the playmat. playmat
Teams will receive a playmat for each player on the team. Booster packs will be awarded as well, with everyone who participates getting at least one booster pack as a prize. Also new for Kaladesh, we have a special promo Playmat for those who play in all our events (Iron Mages). Supplies are limited so if necessary winners will be chosen via a random drawing.

Our Prerelease Preparty – a Kaladesh Inventors Fair – will happen at 10 pm Friday night. Come early, play FNM, get fed and be there as Kaladesh events begin at our midnight Prerelease.

We are now taking RSVPs for all events. Cost is $28.00 per person, sealed format.

Kaladesh sealed Midnight
Kaladesh Saturday sealed Noon
Kaladesh Saturday 2 Headed Giant 6 pm
Kaladesh Sunday sealed Noon
Kaladesh Sunday 2 Headed Giant 5 pm

Conspiracy Take The Crown Draft League

The Gamers Den
Conspiracy Draft League Rules

The Conspiracy League will run for three weeks on Sundays – September 4th, 11th, and 18th. Each week players will purchase 3 booster packs of Conspiracy: Take the Crown and draft their cards. Drafts begin at 1pm, with 30 minutes for deckbuilding. Players will then play 3 rounds of multi-player games (one hour time limits), earning points. The player with the most points at the end of the League will be crowned the Monarch.
During Week One (September 4th), players will play 3 rounds using the cards drafted that day. During Weeks Two and Three, players will play two rounds with the cards they drafted, then have 30 minutes to build a deck using all cards drafted in the current and previous weeks, after which they will play a third round. Because players will be using cards drafted in previous weeks, it is imperative that all cards remain at The Gamers Den until the league is over, and that players keep accurate track of all drafted cards’ abilities.
Scoring for matches is as follows:
• 1 Point for each round that you play
• 1 Point for each opponent eliminated before you in the round
• 1 Point for eliminating a player (this includes eliminating yourself)
• 1 Point for Winning the Table IF there is a larger table in the round
During the first round of Weeks Two and Three, the player with the most points at each Table gets to go first.
The player with the most points at the end of the Conspiracy Draft League will be crowned The Monarch. As The Monarch, you will receive one free entry into any one of our Kaladesh Prerelease Events. The Gamers Den reserves the right to award additional prizes.

conspiracy league

Conspiracy Draft League 2016

Magic PPTQ Dublin Modern Event $15 Entry – August 28th


PPTQ Sunday, August 28th
Entry: $15 at the door
Registration at 10:30 AM
Tournament starts at 11:00 AM

This is a Modern format event. Three packs/participant will be added to the prize pool, with a guaranteed prize payout to the Top 8. The winner will also receive an invite to the Regional PTQ.

Conspiracy 2 – Take The Crown!

Magic Conspiracy 2 releases Friday, August 26th. Join us for Drafts and fight for the crown yourself! Pods of 6-9 players will draft and play a series of multi-player games to try and control the crown! The winner of each table gets a pack of their choice (but not Eternal Masters)

Friday, August 26th – Draft ($12.76) 3 packs of Conspiracy 2016
Saturday, August 27th – Draft ($12.76) 3 packs of Conspiracy 2016
Saturday, August 27th 6 pm – Chaos Draft ($20.00) 2 packs of Conspiracy 2016 and 1 pack of Eternal Masters.

Eldritch Moon Game Day August 13 & 14th

Join us for Magic: Eldritch Moon Game Days on Saturday August 13th at noon and Sunday August 14th at 1 pm. Events are Standard Format and entry is free.

Participation Promo is Unsubstantiate.

game day promo

Top 8 promo is Heron’s Grace Champion.

game day top 8

And of course our winner each days earns the Eldritch Moon Champion Playmat.


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