Join us Saturday, October 31st for the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek, Dimensions of Chaos!


Dimension of Chaos lets Duelists power-up their Decks with the biggest collection of cards that make Black Luster Soldier more powerful than ever, plus a heap of cards for brand-new and existing Deck themes!

Dimension of Chaos also introduces brand-new themes sure to make your Duels more exciting than ever! Create powerful new strategies with the Majespecters, spell-casting Pendulum Monsters that can’t be destroyed by your opponent’s Monster effects, or take control of your opponent’s Monsters with Graydles! New cards for existing themes make this set no Duelist will want to be without.

Cost is $20 per player. Players receive 5 packs of Dimensions of Chaos. Plus, everybody will receive a limited edition, Ultra Rare Samurai Cavalry of Reptier card and a mini-poster! Supplies are limited, so show up early and don’t get left out! Plus play mats will be awarded as door prizes.


As with every set, Dimension of Chaos includes 10 Bonus Cards (previously available only in Japan), plus 10 World Premiere cards never before seen anywhere on Earth! You won’t want to miss out!