Join us on Saturday, May 10th for the Primal Origin Sneak Peek. Cost is $20. Each player receives 5 packs of Primal Origins and builds a deck from those cards. Players may play casual matches or enter our tournament. Winner of the tournament will receive the Sneak Peek playmat, as will a random participant.

 Be one of the first to Duel with the brand-new cards from the latest booster pack, Primal Origin – before they’re available in most stores!


 With support for over 20 different Decks, Primal Origin has new cards for everyone, from recent introductions like Noble Knight, Bujin and Sylvan cards, to cards for tournament staples like Monarchs, Gladiator Beasts and Dark World.

Primal Origin also arms Duelists with new Chaos Xyz Monsters and the most powerful Rank-Up-Magic Spell Card to date, Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One, a “must have” card for Summoning Xyz Monsters right out of your Extra Deck. Duelists will also be treated to a brand new theme, Artifact monsters, which cripple your opponent if they dare destroy them.

Plus, everybody will receive a limited edition, Ultra Rare Artifact Scythe card while supplies last! Supplies are limited, so show up early and don’t get left out!