This weekend marks the pre-release of the next Magic: the Gathering expansion set, Born of the Gods. We have made some changes from previous pre-release events, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of them.

As we have done in the past, we are holding five separate events. All events are sealed deck format, and have an entry fee of $25 per person (the price includes tax). Each player will get one Born of the Gods pre-release “Destiny” pack. Each pack will contain 3 Theros packs, 2 Born of the Gods packs and 1 seeded Born of the Gods pack for your chosen destiny (which also corresponds to a color). It is possible to get a mythic God card in your seeded pack.

Destiny Packs

We are running three regular sealed events. The first will be at Midnight Saturday morning, the second at Noon on Saturday and the last one at Noon on Sunday. Please note this is a time change from the last few pre-releases. The Midnight event will be straight swiss, with prizes paid out based on player record. The Noon events will have playoff rounds.

We are also running two Two-Headed Giant events, one Saturday at 6pm and the other on Sunday at 4pm. Each player on the team gets a pre-release pack, and the team gets to build their decks from the contents of both packs. For all sealed events, you are not required to build a deck based upon the color you choose.

Prior to the Midnight event we will be having our Feast of the Gods pizza party! We’ll be ordering pizza from Pizza Hut and have chips, mini cupcakes and more for revelers to partake.

For even more details on the packs, head on over to the Wizards of the Coast site.