The new Munchkin CCG releases soon and we are very excited to have been chosen to host a prerelease this weekend- unfortunately the prerelease was limited in size and sign ups are now full.

But don’t despair! The CCG release is coming soon, and you can preorder decks or boosters now. We will also have a release event Saturday, March 3rd. If you want to try it before you buy it, we have 2 demo decks in store now for you to check out.

So what is the Munchkin CCG? The game has some familiar elements to a CCG in the form of health, attack, and defense, but Munchkin CCG certainly puts a new spin on everything. Your goal is to hurl Monsters, Loot, and Mischief cards at your opponent until they have taken damage equal to or greater than their life. Meanwhile you also must protect yourself with Loot, Allies, and the occasional well-timed Run Away.

At the heart of the game is the unique bluffing mechanic which you’ll use to hire Monsters to your cause. Because would it be a Munchkin-style game if there was no cheating? This is a game where a good poker face can be as important as a good hand.

Check out the game play video and get ready to cheat – I mean play!