from_the_vault_angelsSince we’ve had lots of questions about the new Magic release, From The Vault: Angels, here is a little information.

Link to article here.

FTV: Angels releases August 21st. We have limited supplies of any FTV release, so as always those who pre-ordered the core set, Magic: Origins, get first crack at them.

We also have a few unclaimed copies at this point.

Our sell price is $60, unless you pre-ordered Magic:Origins from us, then it is $35. If you’d like to add a box of Origins when you pick up your FTV then you can also get the lower price of $35.

FTV: Angels holds must be picked up by September 1st or they will be put out for sale at that time.

If you’d like to add your name to the want list please stop in, call or message us. If you can’t remember if you’re on the list just ask.

We will also be doing a couple tournaments with FTV: Angels as prizes – so be sure to watch for more information.