Join us for the Magic Oath of the Gatewatch pre-release January 16th & 17th.
The battle to save the plane of Zendikar rages on. Powerful Planeswalkers have fought on the side of the Zendikari against the all-consuming, alien Eldrazi. Will the Planeswalkers stay at great personal risk and fight for Zendikar? Or will they retreat away to safety and leave the world to oblivion?

Also, according to Wizards of the Coat, Oath of the Gatewatch is all about teamwork. It’s designed to support Two-Headed Giant better than most any set in Magic history so we’ve added an additional 2 Headed Giant event at 4 pm Sunday.

Cost is $28.00 per person, sealed format. Our logo playmats will be given to the winners of each event.

oath playmat

Our pre-release Planeswalker Picnic will happen at 11 pm Friday night. Come early, play FNM, get fed and then take the Oath of the Gatewatch at our midnight pre-release.

We are now taking RSVPs for all events.
Oath of the Gatewatch Midnight sealed
Oath of the Gatewatch Saturday noon sealed
Oath of the Gatewatch Saturday 2 Headed Giant 6 pm
Oath of the Gatewatch Sunday sealed 1 pm
Oath of the Gatewatch Sunday 2 Headed Giant 4 pm