This February, we are now adding Modern events to our weekly calendar for Magic players. Modern has been a growing format, and with the release of the Modern Event Deck at the end of May, we felt that now would be a good time to start promoting the format in the store.

modern logo

For those unfamiliar with the Modern format, it consists of all cards released in a Core Set or Expansion Blocksince 8th Edition and the original Mirrodin block. This also happens to coincide with the opening of the Gamers Den (we opened our doors in September 2003, two months after 8th Edition released and just a few weeks before Mirrodin). So if you’ve been coming to the Gamers Den in that time you should have the cards you need for this format. As with their other formats, there is a Banned and Restricted list for Modern.

For the month of February, this will mostly be casual play as we get players familiar with the change in events, but as soon as we get enough players and interest, we will start hosting tournaments. We are also willing to bring back Modern events for Friday Night Magic, perhaps once a month, if the local community is interested. It also happens to be a happy coincidence that the Grand Prix Minneapolis event is May is Modern format, and we are working with our local Judge to organize a Grand Prix Trial before the end of March. Keep watching this website and our Facebok page for the latest information!