There’s lot of Magic happening at The Gamers Den.

This weekend is the Ixalan Prerelease. It kicks off with our Magic Celebration Friday night (Sept 22nd) after FNM. We will be playing Pirate themed games and eating a Pirate Pizza Feast. Food will be served about 11 pm but pirates are welcome to come any time! Costumes definitely encouraged so do your best First Mate impression!

Then midnight is our first sealed event (Sept 23rd). Check out the pirates and dinosaurs for yourself with Ixalan – entry is $28 for each event. There’s a total of 5 events – midnight and noon sealed Saturday, Two Headed Giant Saturday night at 6, noon sealed Sunday and Two Headed Giant Sunday night at 5 pm.

Then next weekend is our Modern PPTQ on Saturday, Sept 30th- registration is at 10 am and the event starts at 11 am. Entry is $15.

Don’t have a modern deck? We also have an Ixalan Release Draft that night (Sept 30th) at 6 pm. Entry is $15 and release weekend promos will be added to the prize pool. This event repeats on Sunday, Oct 1st at 1 pm.

For more information about any of our events click here.