It’s never too early to plan for your pre-release weekend. There’s lots of buzz about Khans of Tarkir and it should be a great set. We have 5 events scheduled and are adding a new bonus to the prize pool – logo playmats! This is the first time we have produced playmats with our logo, so don’t miss out!


Playmats will be given to the winners of each event.

Also, our pre-release pre-party will happen at 11 pm Friday night, and this time we’re serving Pat’s Secret Family Recipe Chow Mein. Come early, play FNM, get fed and then be among the first to try Khans at our midnight pre-release.

Also new this set will be 8 variable promo cards per color – we will again be taking color reservations, but you will not know which promo you got until you open the packs – that makes for 40 potential promo cards, and should even the playing field for sealed play. It will be interesting if nothing else 🙂

Check out our events and make your plans. KHAAAAN!

Khans of Tarkir Midnight pre-release
Khans of Tarkir Saturday noon sealed
Khans of Tarkir Saturday 2 Headed Giant 6pm
Khans of Tarkir Sunday noon sealed
Khans of Tarkir Sunday 2 Headed Giant 6pm