Sundays in October The Gamers Den is hosting a Magic Academy for new and past Magic players, no experience necessary.


Week 1 – Learn to play Magic or brush up on your old skills.

1 – 4 pm – Free – We will cover the most common format in Magic (Standard) and provide Magic Welcome decks. Players are encouraged to play each of the 5 colors and get a feel for the differences in play style. Our Magic Judge will teach game flow and answer questions as you play and learn.

4 – 6 pm – $16.00 fee. We will have Intro decks and the new Kaladesh Planeswalker decks available for sale – buy a deck that suits your preferences and then learn to play it. Open the two boosters that come with it and we’ll help you make changes to your deck, as well.

Week 2 – Learn to build a Magic Deck

1 – 6 pm– $20.00 fee. You will get a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit and we will teach you to build a deck. Our Magic Judge will be on hand to help you with deckbuilding concepts and answer questions.

Week 3 – Learn about other formats and play in a tournament

1 – 6 pm – Free – We will cover the Magic formats (Standard, Modern, Legacy, Sealed, Commander, etc) Then we will play a Standard Tournament, with prizes! Bring your Intro or Planeswalker Deck from week 1, or the deck you built in week 2. Learn about tournament structure and practice in a fun, relaxed environment.

Week 4 – Magic Game Day!

1 pm – Free – Participate in Magic Game Day! This is a Standard format tournament with special prizes. Earn a promo card for participating and a different card if you make Top 8. There is a special Champion Playmat for the winner. Our Judge will be onhand to help with questions. If you attended all 4 sessions, you will receive a special Diploma from our Magic Academy!

RSVPs are encouraged – Facebook, message, email or stop in at The Gamers Den to reserve your spot!