The newest version of Legend of the Five Rings, a Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games, releases Thursday, October 5th. The Gamers Den will be hosting demos of the game on Saturdays in September.

Noon – Saturday, September 9th
6:00 PM – Saturday, September 16th
Noon – Saturday, September 23rd

In the land of Rokugan, the seven Great Clans are united under one Emperor, yet power struggles still rage on battlefields and in courts throughout the land as each clan competes for greater influence and valuable resources. Some clans will fight bravely with honor while others will do whatever is necessary to advance their agenda.

At official Organized Play events, you can join your favorite clan in these battles! Hone your sword and your wits, and take up your clan’s banner and exclusive role as you compete for prizes and prestige, meet new friends, and play more often!

The core set is $39.99 – to preorder please Facebook us, email, call us at 763-689-5370 or stop in!

Also check out our launch party on Saturday, October 7th at noon. Entry is $5.00 or free if you purchased a core set from The Gamers Den.