We are less than two weeks away from the pre-release of Magic’s latest expansion, Journey Into Nyx. Wrapping up the Theros block, this set introduces us to the last five gods from the set, a new version of a classic planeswalker and some other really amazing cards that will staples not just in standard but the eternal formats. We’ve got some exciting things planned for this pre-release.

The pre-release events are going to take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th. Prior to the midnight event we will be hosting another “Feast of the Gods” event
, providing free food to everyone between 11pm and Midnight after Friday Night Magic wraps up on the 25th. The first of our sealed deck events will begin at midnight, and the cost will be $25 per person, and two booster packs of Journey will be added to the prize pool for each participant.. Unlike the other events this weekend, the midnight event will only last four rounds, and players will win booster packs based on their final record. Any player who goes 2-2 or better in the tournament will be guaranteed prize packs in this event.

At Noon on both Saturday and Sunday we will hold Sealed Deck events. Again, these will be $25 per person, with two booster packs of Journey will be added to the prize pool for each participant. These events will run four rounds of swiss with the top 8 player moving on to single elimination payoffs (top 16 if we 32+ players). Anyone who makes playoffs is guaranteed prize packs.

The 6pm events both night will be Sealed Deck Two-Headed Giant events. These were very popular at the Born of the Gods pre-release, and we’re bringing them back. I think you know the drill — $25 entry per player, 2 packs per player (4 per team) into the prize pool. When you build your decks, your teams gets to use the cards from both pre-release packs. However, only the top 4 teams (top 8 teams if 32+ players) will advance to the playoffs. Anyone who makes playoffs is guaranteed prize packs.

The pre-release packs for Journey Into  Nyx will contain 2 packs of Theros, one pack of Born of the Gods, two packs of Journey Into Nyx and one seeded pack of Journey Into Nyx which will contain more cards for your chosen color to aid in deck building, as well as the rare/mythic rare in your pack (and if you pull a mythic rare in the seeded pack, you will get one of the gods).