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Conspiracy Draft League Rules

The Conspiracy League will run for three weeks on Sundays – September 4th, 11th, and 18th. Each week players will purchase 3 booster packs of Conspiracy: Take the Crown and draft their cards. Drafts begin at 1pm, with 30 minutes for deckbuilding. Players will then play 3 rounds of multi-player games (one hour time limits), earning points. The player with the most points at the end of the League will be crowned the Monarch.
During Week One (September 4th), players will play 3 rounds using the cards drafted that day. During Weeks Two and Three, players will play two rounds with the cards they drafted, then have 30 minutes to build a deck using all cards drafted in the current and previous weeks, after which they will play a third round. Because players will be using cards drafted in previous weeks, it is imperative that all cards remain at The Gamers Den until the league is over, and that players keep accurate track of all drafted cards’ abilities.
Scoring for matches is as follows:
• 1 Point for each round that you play
• 1 Point for each opponent eliminated before you in the round
• 1 Point for eliminating a player (this includes eliminating yourself)
• 1 Point for Winning the Table IF there is a larger table in the round
During the first round of Weeks Two and Three, the player with the most points at each Table gets to go first.
The player with the most points at the end of the Conspiracy Draft League will be crowned The Monarch. As The Monarch, you will receive one free entry into any one of our Kaladesh Prerelease Events. The Gamers Den reserves the right to award additional prizes.

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Conspiracy Draft League 2016