There are some changes coming up in our events schedule we’d like to make you aware of.

Magic: SPARKS FNM events are no longer happening on Friday evenings. New and casual Magic players are encouraged to attend Standard Showdown events most Saturdays beginning October 7th at noon.

Magic: Standard Showdown begins October 7th and runs through December 23rd. These events are still free, standard format and you can win special prize booster packs. All skill levels are encouraged to attend Standard Showdown events.

Star Wars Destiny will be every other Saturday at noon beginning October 14th. There will not be Destiny October 7th.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG organized play begins October 7th with a launch event. L5R events will take place every other Saturday at noon, opposite Destiny events.

Saturday 40k and Age of Sigmar events at noon are now combined to allow for league and campaign play. As always, beginners are welcome to join or observe.

For more information about our events, click here.