Born of the Gods pre-release

February 1st & 2nd

February 1st and 2nd is the Born of the Gods Pre-release. The Gamers Den will be hosting 5 events, including a midnight sealed and two opportunities to play 2-Headed Giant. Pre-release kits consist of 5 packs of Born of the Gods and 1 color specific pack. Cost is $25 per event. For 2HG pick a partner or come and see if someone needs a second head.

We are kicking things off Friday at 11 pm with a “Feast of the Gods” pizza feast. Come early for FNM, have some pizza then play sealed.

11 pm – January 31st – Born of the Gods “Food of the Gods” pizza feast (free)

Midnight – February 1st – Sealed tournament, Swiss pairings only. Prizes awarded based on standings. $25

Noon – February 1st – Sealed tournament with playoffs. $25

6 pm – February 1st – 2-Headed Giant. $25 per player

Noon – February 2nd – Sealed tournament with playoffs. $25

6 pm – February 2nd – 2-Headed Giant. $25 per player